Movements for the next few days…

Behave. Not those.

You may have noticed a sudden rush of blogs. Well, we’ve been without internet since Colca & it has felt like I’ve been cut off from the world! Having just got internet back today as we arrived in Puno, I’ve uploaded all the blogs up to date – with the exception of today because I’m too tired & I need to go to bed!

From tomorrow we’re going to be out of contact again for a few days as we travel across Lake Titicaca with various stops along the way before arriving at Amantani for our ‘back to basics’ home stay with Peruvian locals. Food, facilities & accommodation will be very very basic & our hosts don’t speak any English – so this will be a very interesting few days I think!

Anyway, I’ll update you when we return on Monday – with photos too of course! Wish us all the best…


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  1. Love the multiple blog, too weird dad meeting an ex-employee! I went to those thermal baths, got too hot, went to a changing room feeling a bit weird (the small dark ones with no light), promptly fainted and woke up to looming faces lit by torch light – I honestly thought I had been captured by aliens! Have a great time in Lake Titicaca and enjoy the sunsets!

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