Day 20 – T minus 2…

The penultimate blog before we arrive back in the UK. My arrival home seems to be just in the nick of as, although I can’t get to the bottom of it (partly because teenagers rarely get the story straight & partly because my wretched mobile doesn’t seem to work from here), it would seem that Owen has had to be admitted to hospital & possibly even had to have an operation. I am very worried at this point & am desperate to know more, but as I write it’s 12:10am UK time & Polly is at the hospital so I’m unable to get in touch.

Please pray for little Owen. If I hear more I’ll obviously put it here, but please pray for him & for Polly. She’s had (& I guess will have tonight also) hardly any sleep, which is not good for her. Please pray for our journey home too, that we have no delays & arrive back swiftly.



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  1. Much prayers with you ALL

  2. Can’t wait till you’re all home, you guys. Prayers being said, esp for Owen. The Turnbull bus driver is polishing his cap! See you soon, God bless, lots of love to you all, you adventurous adventurers!

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