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In January 2010 I embarked upon my first ever trek. Until this point my ‘trekking’ experience consisted of walking the dog around local fields in our home village of Bushby in Leicestershire. This journey was to be something entirely different! We called ourselves the ‘St Luke’s Six’, all being members of our local church, St. Luke’s ( The others were experienced trekkers – I felt a bit of a fraud in their company to say the least…

End of the road…

Kathmandu Limbo – one sleep to go

A taster… more to come when back in the UK

Return Trek Day Five – two sleeps to go

Return Trek Day Four – three sleeps to go

Return Trek Day Three – four sleeps to go

Return Trek Day Two – five sleeps to go

Return Trek Day One – six sleeps to go

Trek Day Nine – EBC Day!

Trek Day Eight

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